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Dansville Country Care and Stockbridge Country Care have all the comforts of home.  Providing 24 hour care 365 days a year!  We provide visiting physicians, respite care, hospice care, Alzheimer's care, and diabetic care.  The following services are provided home cooked meals, activities, cable TV, laundry service, house keeping, medication supervision, assistance with activities of daily living and 24 hour staff.  Our homes have management with extensive experience in the healthcare field and it is our mission to provide you with the quality care that you deserve.  We are experienced in Alzheimer's care and the homes are fully equipped to provide for the care of your loved one with Alzheimer's.  We have all the comforts of home in a two quiet hometown atmospheres.  We look forward to providing you with excellent care and welcoming you into our family.  Let us make our home your home!